Wisdom has taught me that simplicity is the key to getting things accomplished. It’s when we either set out to do too much at once or try to do something too complicated that we end up stagnating.

I’ve found that if I feel like I don’t know what I should be doing I either need to break down the task at hand further into more manageable items or that I’m trying too hard and just need to review and understand what it is I’m trying to accomplish in the first place.

I find that I do my best work when I know exactly what it is I should be creating and I have a general sense of the outcome as well. I find the simpler the steps the quicker the turnaround and the less I get hung up and start to stagnate.

If you’re stuck or you feel like you’re stagnating take a quick inventory of your current situation.

  • Is the undertaking too big? If so, can you break it down into several smaller items?
  • Do you understand what to do or where to look to accomplish the next task?
  • Is there anyone you can go to for help or someone else who has done something similar that you can ask for assistance?
  • Have you started? Sometimes the act of getting going is enough to keep momentum and spark a little more drive and imagination.
  • Are you overly stressed? If you are sometimes it’s best to walk away and do some light exercise or breathing exercises to calm down. It’s hard to do your best work when you’re stressed.

In addition to the above questions sometimes, a different approach can show us new avenues for getting through whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. Also, sleeping on the problem and setting your subconscious loose on the problem can have pretty amazing results. I’ve done this and woken up with the answer or a potential solution.

I think the biggest thing to help prevent stagnation is to keep things simple. Take small steps, don’t quit, ask yourself some questions to clarify your own thoughts. Manage stress and energy levels and continue to look for solutions. Many times, if the approach or what you’re doing feels too complicated or confusing, it likely is and there is a simpler more effective way to get things done.

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